My semester on exchange in Korea

Check out this two-minute video Bachelor of Commerce student, Pheobe Wilk, made highlighting the amazing experiences she had while studying at the University of Korea.

“The most amazing thing about my time abroad is the incredible impact pushing past my comfort zone had on not only my personality, but my perception of the world and it’s different cultures. I find myself understanding more about different cultures and people, and as a result have become more knowledgeable and understanding of people and their backgrounds.

It was amazing to become fully immersed into a completely different culture – although it was at times confronting and confusing, I would not give up the experience for anything. I at first considered studying abroad in perhaps the UK or USA, but I think it is far more beneficial to really push your comforts, and try immersing yourself in a culture that you are completely unfamiliar with. Would do it all over again!”



One Comment Add yours

  1. Choi says:

    Love how you push yourself into a foreign environment! It only makes you stronger. Keep it up and happy travels!


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